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Preparing Arts Portfolio of the University
8 times a month ($ 240+tax)
9 times a month ($ 270+tax)
Each $35+tax (Less than 8 times)

Kids Art class
4 times a month ($ 120+tax)
5 times a month ($ 150+tax)
Each $35+tax (Less than 4 times)

Adult Art calss
4 times a month ($ 100+tax)
5 times a month ($ 125+tax)
Each $30+tax(Less than 4 times)

Birthday Art Party for 10 Kids $200+tax
only one group Private Party
1 Hour Art Classtime, 1 Hour Party time
30 min Decoration time

Rainbow Studio Gallery Current Show Schedule
v Aug . 31. 2019 ~ Oct. 4 .2019 "NOW"  Professional Local Artist Solo Show
  Dominique Prevost - Solo Show "Fluid Behavior"
v Oct. 5. 2019 ~ Nov. 1. 2019 Professional Local Artist Solo Show
  Fred "Burlington Fine Artist" 2019 Solo Show
v Nov. 2. 2019 ~ Dec. 6. 2019 Amature Art Show
  Rainbow Studio Kids and Adult Show  
Rainbow Studio Gallery Event
v Sept. 28th. 2019 Satuday 2:30-5PM
  Dominique Prevost Watercolor and Paper works "Watercolor Marbling Techniques"
v Oct. 5th. 2019 Satuday 2:30-5PM
Ages 8-13
Registration $5/table ( Maximum of 3 participants per table )
9 spots with tables
11 spots (bring your own tables)
1 complimentary smoothie will be provided per table.

Great opportunity for kids to have their own mini vendor market place to sell over their old gently used clothes, shoes, books, toys, sports gear, art (No eatables). This will be an event run solely by kids. Each table can have a manager, accountant and marketer.

v Oct. 26th. 2019 Satuday 2:30-5PM
3:00-3:50  Gr 1-Gr4 - 15 Participants
4:00-4:50 Gr 5-8 - 15 Participants
Results will be announced at 5:00 p.m.
$10 - bring your own brushes (Geeta and Hiba to purchase brushes)
For both events a parent or Guardian needs to be present on site at all times.
Commission Portrait
Special gift of Special people

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 Gallery Owner : Sungmi Kong(Sunny) 289.838.2820 email : kongsungmi@gmail.com https://www.instagram.com/sungmi.kong/
Location: Rainbow Studio Galley &Café - 364 Sixteen Mile Dr. Oakville, ON